Do you want to be good at rowing, 
or do you want to be really great at rowing ?
Rowing is such a fantastic sport and for most the exercise, team camaraderie and sense of exhilaration as you glide across the water is exactly what they are looking for. 
Attending regional regattas is a great way to assess your improvement in skill, fitness and strength. 

Then there are athletes who want more and are willing to give more.
For these athletes, rowing is a passion.
They expect to win regionally and be competitive on the national and international stage.
These athletes want to be recruited by the best collegiate programs, 
and some will even make the US National Team (Jr / U23 / Senior).

Demanding athletes from Manhattan,  Long Island and Westchester choose 
City Island Rowing.

There are no shortcuts to rowing success... 
Each athlete must pay their dues in sweat equity and diligence to skills development.
However, surrounding yourself with like minded, highly motivated athletes
guided by equally passionate, experienced and dedicated coaching staff,
places you on a much faster and more ambitious trajectory.
City Island Rowing will always remain small and highly selective for this very reason.

Our athletes are equally competent at sweep or sculling, and race in both disciplines.
Their ability to sweep row either side develops them symmetrically and doubles their chances of making a priority boat when they move to the next step. Frequently breaking down into smaller boats, gains the athlete a nuanced understanding of boat feel.

We are ideally situated to take advantage of the expansive surrounding waterways  including the Hutchinson River, Pelham Bay and  Long Island Sound. 
This allows for miles and miles of uninterrupted rowing regardless of the tide, 
allowing athletes to get in the volume of strokes required to compete at the highest level of the sport.
Perhaps best of all - no other rowing traffic!

In addition to local and regional regattas, 
City Island Rowing attends national and international regattas 
such as San Diego Crew Classic, USRowing Youth and Club Nationals, and Canadian Henley.

You don't have to be the best rower to join C.I.R.
You just need to want to be your best.

"There is no more powerful force on earth than the human soul on fire."