Regatta Reflection

posted Aug 12, 2014, 9:44 AM by City Island Athlete   [ updated Aug 12, 2014, 9:46 AM ]
Our week in Canada was filled with so many fun and exciting memories, it was difficult to narrow the list down to my favorite one. The U19 8+ race stands out to me as my favorite part of the week. Having practiced in the boat only once before Canadian Henley, we were not sure what to expect. From the first stroke of the race until the finish line, there was no question all 9 girls were giving it their all and that was an incredible and indescribable feeling. 
I learned this week that the results of the race are secondary to how the race feels. As athletes, we spend the majority of our time training or thinking about training so that we can we happy with our results on race day. When we finally row into the stake boat and it's nearly impossible to control nerves, or mid race in when you do not know if you can hang on till the finish, racing comes from the heart and your commitment to the  girl in front of and behind you. If you have prepared well for the race and have no energy at the finish, there is not reason to think twice about the results. 
Just after crossing the finish line, I collapsed and broke into tears. For a while I thought it was because of the physical pain and exhaustion I and the rest of the boat faced during the 2000 meter race. A few deep breaths later I wondered if I was disappointed by the results of the race, but was certain it was something else. After getting back to the dock and putting the boat and oars away, it occurred to me the actual reason for my tears was the girls in the boat along with the rest of City Island Rowing. 
I am so lucky to belong to a club where every athlete shares a common love and passion for rowing and where the coaches respect their athletes' goals, commitment, and well being. Headed off to college in just a few weeks, I cannot help but think about how much each person at City Island Rowing has  impacted and will continue to impact my life for the better. Not racing with CIR during the year will be different, but I am so excited to watch the team's success in the next year and see what we can bring to next year's Canadian Henley!
City Island Athlete,
Aug 12, 2014, 9:44 AM