Ergathon Fundraiser

On Sunday January 21st our athletes will undergo a grueling marathon of indoor rowing 
in order to raise funds for our fantastic club. 
100% of all the funds we receive will go toward much needed capital equipment 
such as shells, oars, ergs, cox boxes, etc.

Each athlete who raises $1,000 or more will have their name placed prominently in our newest Resolute 8+

You can help our cause by either donating directly through our crowdrise platform (below), 
or sponsoring one of our athletes directly.

As a fully registered 501 (c)(3) non profit, your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Some very generous supporters have asked about specific needs / donation opportunities.
Listed below is a wish list that you might consider specifically targeting.
Please email us for more details, including paying over time.

Resolute 8+  (ltwt)      $17500.00   (second hand refurbished to as new)

Resolute 8+ (JV/N)   $12000.00    (second hand refurbished to as new)

Set of Bracca sculling oars (4x)  $2700.00    (new)

Set of Dreher Sweep oars (8)      $ 1500.00       (used)

Coaching launch  - Boston Whaler hull swap   $2500.00     (refurbished)

Cox box    $500.00    (new)

Pair of Bracca sculling oars  $ 695.00

Naming opportunities for the 8+'s !

Due to fantastic growth, we now need two additional 8+'s. There is no question that resolute racing shells are respected around the world for being exceptionally fast and exceptionally well built. We have identified two shells that have been refurbished and will provide another 15 years of racing life, at a fraction of new cost ($40,000.00). These are rare and exceptional opportunities for CIR... please help make this happen!