Fall 2020

Fall is such a glorious time to row. 
Water is warm and generally a lot calmer than Spring and we get those stunning sunsets!
Our focus is on technique, finding that rhythm and harmony 
that makes really great crews seem to move effortlessly. 
Practices are characterized by miles and miles of light steady state work. 

This Fall will be quite different without Regattas on Weekends.
"Do what you love, and do it well" - will be the guiding mantra of this Fall season.
This Fall is an opportunity for all our athletes to truly fall in love with rowing
for its own sake. The pure joy of moving a boat beautifully, with your best friends
while getting better with every practice.

We have modified our practice schedule to minimize class sizes and general
interaction between athletes before and after practice, due to COVID 19

(0pens Monday 8/31)
  Tuesday September 8th - Saturday November 14th. 
Practice Schedule:
(Note: Varsity / JV choose ONE early morning practice, either Wed or Friday)