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We had a wonderful day at the Passaic !

posted Oct 17, 2017, 10:33 AM by Head Coach

We had 14 entries and won 7 of them, not a bad conversion rate... interestingly Gold medals are all that we won.
Congratulations to our V4+, 2V4+, F/N8+, V4x, V2x, 2V2x and F/N4x crews for their gold medal performances. there were also some very encouraging winning margins in those results.
Many of our athletes raced twice, some even three times. A special mention to Kayla Thomas and Caroline McGee for winning all 3 races that they were in.
It was terrific to introduce 3 athletes to their first ever race... congratulations to Sylvia, Tanna and Carly.
One exceptional story of fitness and determination from the weekend was that of Noa Bregman. She raced the V4+, then on docking literally ran to the launch dock where she jumped into the single which was ready and waiting in the water. Unfortunately for her, at the start of her 1x race, she hit a log floating in the river damaging her skeg and filling her boat with water... yet she raced the entire course (and came back) with a boat that must have weighed close to 100 lbs! Not to be defeated, she then jumped out of the 1x and into the V4x, taking home gold in that event too.