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Learn to Row Classes

Summer is hands down the best time of year to Learn To Row (LTR).
Weather and water are warm, providing for a SAFE and pleasant environment.
Coaches include some of the finest female collegiate rowers in the country,
they are patient and experienced coaches, and brilliant mentors and role models.

This program is aimed at girls 12-15 years old.
Your child must be at least 12 years old and be a competent swimmer.
Class sizes are strictly limited to just 6 athletes.
Bring a friend and sign up today!

City Island Rowing is pleased to offer four 1 week LTR programs this summer.
These classes run Monday through Friday, 9 am - 10:30 am
beginning July 6, July 20, August 3 and August 17
Athletes that progress well will be invited to row the immediately following week, 
during the same time slots, effectively making it a two-week program.

Having completed a two-week program, athletes may be invited to join our team, 
and continue training during the rest of the summer.
Not every LTR athlete will be invited.

Cost of 1st week LTR is $175.00
Cost of 2nd week LTR is $125.00 (invitation only).

City Island Rowing pioneered the use of converted Stand Up Paddle Boards
for our LTR classes 3 years ago. These are BRILLIANT teaching aides
which allow for one on one instruction while being immensely stable.
After one week of rowing, athletes will be introduced to 
traditional racing style rowing shells accompanied by experienced coaches
or varsity athletes, continuing an incredible instructor / athlete ratio.

We have already begun some evaluation / introduction sessions
and will continue the next two weeks.
If you would like to get a jump start / guarantee your slot / give your athlete 
a taste of rowing before signing up, please call or email today.
Evaluation sessions are 1 hr long and there is no charge.

What differentiates our LTR Classes from other programs is the small class size, 
great coach to athlete ratio and absolutely critically, our LTR classes only scull! 
This means each rower holds two oars rather than one. 
(Sculling vs sweep rowing)
Sculling is MUCH safer on young, growing athletes' backs. 
Middle school-aged athletes, especially, should NOT be sweep rowing in their first year of rowing.