Winter training at City Island Rowing runs December 1st through February 28th.

Winter is miracle season at City Island Rowing. We give our athletes' growing bodies a bit of a break during fall season, focussing almost exclusively on technique (after all there is not much point in doing mileage engraining bad habits). Winter is the time to get fit and strong, then in spring we put it all together and row really fast.

A highlight of this year's winter training is our Tampa Training trip!!

Varsity trains: 
M/T/Th/F 4:00 - 6:00 pm in December
We add Saturdays 8:30 - 10:00 am in January  and February
We add Wednesdays 4:00 - 6:00 pm in February

JV / Novice trains: 
M/W/Th    5:15 pm - 6:45 pm
Fridays are off in December, voluntary in January and compulsory in February.
Saturdays 10 - 11:30 am are off Dec and January, voluntary in February

Our home for Winter Training is the Morris Yacht and Beach Club.
In addition to erging, spinning, sand bag and core workouts, athletes will have access to the recreation lounge where they can relax, do homework, surf the internet or watch tv. The large flat screen TV will be a great place for video review. There is also a modern locker room facility to store gear, shower and freshen up. CIR families will receive complimentary membership privileges so that they can also use the facilities - especially their stunning restaurant and bar overlooking Long Island Sound directly at the City skyline.

In addition to that great facility, we will have weekly sessions at the indoor rowing tanks at Sarah Lawrence College, weekly weight lifting sessions and yoga, stretching and myofascial release sessions on Saturdays.

Our small program of like minded and dedicated athletes allow us to offer a program that is tailored to each individual's needs whilst working in a team environment. Utilizing multiple resources, technology, innovation and a tremendously experienced coaching team, athletes can expect to make exceptional gains in strength, fitness and technique this winter.



We strongly believe that working SMART is far more important than simply crunching out volume.
Our athletes will workout between 9 and 12.5 hours per week depending where they are in the training cycle as recommended by the Junior National Team. This time will be split between erging, gym and weekly indoor rowing tanks. 

We erg / cardio / core train 3 days per week.
We use a full sized commercial gym 1 day a week for the bulk of our strength training. 
Every Thursday we have a session in indoor rowing tanks - an extraordinary way to coach and "keep the water feel".
The tanks also provide a great mental break and keep our athletes' minds and bodies fresh.
On Saturdays athletes will participate in a light erg session, followed by  Yoga and stretching. 

With a methodical and scientific approach to weight training, anaerobic threshold training (and lactate testing), 
as well as general cardio and VO2 max training, our athletes will shred time off their 2k scores.


We also offer nutrition guidance to realize the full benefits of all the hard work. 

Contact us today if you would like to join us this winter.
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