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Ergathon Fundraiser

On Sunday, March 5th our athletes will undergo a grueling marathon of indoor rowing in order to raise funds to purchase a stunning new Hudson USP 8+ Rowing Shell, complete with a new set of oars and coxbox.

We would be so grateful for your support

Please visit our fundraising page to learn more.

Gorgeous New Hudson 8+ USP

In order to support our athletes with the equipment they need to fulfill their athletic aspirations... and in support of our growing club size... we have ordered an absolutely stunning new 8+ racing shell from Hudson Boatworks in our signature pink color - which will be ready in time for our Spring Championship Season.


Our shell is the 8.12 USP specifically designed for high school girls, from the finest materials available. High-modulus carbon fiber, honeycomb core construction, titanium hardware and a host of innovative features sets this boat in a class of its own. The hull design is sleek and fast, yet remarkably stable. We trialed a demo boat in the early fall, and our athletes instantly realized this hull design was special.

The "USP" designation of the Hudson marque stands for Ultra Super Predator and represents the very highest level of engineering and boatbuilding in their "Shark Fleet", and arguably in the rowing world. Our shell, in the 8.12 size, is the first ever to be manufactured, and as such is receiving extra meticulous attention during its build.

Every athlete that raises $1,000 or more will have their name prominently placed in the new shell as a perpetual reminder of their fundraising efforts. The top 8 fundraisers will be honored with their names placed right on the individual seats! 

The wing rigger is the strongest and lightest available. It is a one piece construction unit with no weak seams unlike all other manufacturers. The pin is made of titanium and even the back stay is carbon fiber.

sq footboard.png

The foot board is entirely carbon and titanium, with incredible degrees of adjustment and clip in shoes. Athletes can set the pitch and height to their exact body length to maximize efficiency of power application.

sq seat.png

The seat design is ground breaking and unique to the USP series Hudson. The seat rails are inverted so they cannot accumulate any salt, sand or dirt, providing for a long lasting, butter smooth slide. The bearings are salt resistant.

Boat Naming Opportunity


We would be delighted (and most grateful) to discuss the possibility of Naming Rights to this exceptional racing shell, and the pride of our fleet, if a Family is willing to make a donation that goes "above and beyond".  


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