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Program Options

There are no shortcuts to rowing success... 

Each athlete must pay their dues in sweat equity and diligence to skills development.

However, surrounding yourself with like-minded, highly motivated athletes

guided by equally passionate, experienced and dedicated coaching staff,

places you on a much faster and more ambitious trajectory.

City Island Rowing will always remain small and highly selective for this very reason.

Competitive rowing is a year-round commitment, divided into four distinct seasons.
Choose the season you want to learn more about



Championship Season - Putting together everything we have learned over the past year and racing with a Deep, Burning, Passion



Technical Season, our primary focus is rowing better.



Calm water, warm air, the best season for small boat rowing.

My project-1 (3).jpg


We move indoors - Time to get strong and fit

Learn to Row

From Learning to Row on paddle boards to State Champions in 8 months !

We conduct our Learn to Row (LTR) classes in the summer, taking advantage of warm water and sunny skies.
Unique to CIR is the use of converted Stand Up Paddle Boards, and very small class sizes.
This allows for highly individualized instruction,  for athletes to proceed at their own pace,
and a great foundation on which  to build a competitive rowing future.

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