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June 12 - August 2

Summer is absolutely the BEST time to row. 

The water is typically flat and warm, allowing lots of small boat technical rowing!


Summer, more than any other season,
offers the greatest opportunity to improve.

We understand that summer planning can be very complex with travel, camps, extracurricular programs, other sports and so on. If this describes you, please contact us and we will see what we can do to create a custom program that works for you.

Registration is OPEN

Varsity and JV

In the summer our Varsity and JV programs train together in order to help prepare JV for the transition to varsity status in the Fall. 

This year we start and end earlier in order to give our athletes a more definitive summer break to decompress, relax, and spend quality time with family and friends.

As such, this summer, our program runs June 12 - August 2. A select group of high performing athletes will attend Canadian Henley, 7/28 - 8/4.

Novice Athletes

As a rower with some experience now, this summer will be a fantastic opportunity to hone your skills by focusing on sculling and small boat rowing. This is essential for understanding boat moving fundamentals, making sure that all your energy output is efficiently maximized into propelling the boat, making you a very effective racer.

This summer is an important part of preparing each rower for the rigors of JV rowing and a far more rigorous regimen of racing.


Summer Practice Schedule

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 5.59.28 PM.png

Saturday 7/20 Philly Youth Regatta for V/JV/N athletes

Saturday 7/27 Overpeck Summer Regatta for V/JV/N athletes
Sunday 7/28 - Sunday 8/4 Canadian Henley Regatta for select athletes

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